1st Pre Alumini meet 24/10/2014 at Dewas Parinay vatika

St. Mary’s Convent Pre-Alumni Meet 2014

We are all familiar with the adage, ‘Well begun is half done’ and true to it, the St. Mary’s Convent Dewas Pre-Alumni Meet fructified in a way better than one could conceive it to be.
Breaking the ice-

Ex-students of various batches gathered at Parinay Vatika, Dewas at 4:00 pm as planned. People got to meet each other and exchanged Diwali greetings. At around 4:40 pm, there were almost more than 50 alumni from various batches and the meeting began with a welcome address by the anchors, Madhulika Chaudhari mam and Vikram Pawar sir. They informed the attendees about the first step towards alumni formation, which was a meeting with Sr. Prerna on 15th August this year. Amongst those to meet were Madhulika Chaudhari mam, Samarjeet Jadhav sir, Vikram Pawar sir, Deepak Vishwakarma sir and Abhishek Lathi sir. The attendees were also informed about the sincere efforts which interested ex-students from various batches have been making for about 2-3 months to bring today’s event in its present shape. Some of the key efforts are as follows-

1. Regular Telecons, communication of important info through Atul Moghe sir’s emails.
2. Discussions and thought-sharing on Whatsapp group which include formation of core committee, planning for the golden jubilee event registration process, fee structure, bringing in more people, other aims which an alumni group can fulfill.
3. Website development work undertaken by Samarjeet Jadhav sir.
4. Work of volunteers and from each batch to increase connectivity amongst fellow batch mates and to pass on important info.

This important groundwork was conveyed very appropriately by mam and sir. This was followed by an introduction by all the members present. (Name and passing out year). Many members expressed their joy upon seeing familiar faces and re-connecting after so long.

Following this, the alumni association’s official logo prepared by Madhulika Chaudhari mam was inaugurated by Ms. Sameera Nayeem , one of the senior most alumni members (1976 batch). Sameera mam put forward her thoughts in a way that captured everyone’s attention. The gist of mam’s message was that we all share a very special bond with St. Mary’s. Hence we should not need a purpose to reconnect, as in a much larger sense we are already connected. School life molds and shapes our personalities in ways we can’t even perceive. Also, as senior alumni, mam now realizes what ‘She’ i.e. St. Mary’s gave her, and so do the other alumni. Hence an alumni association can serve not only to reconnect with St. Mary’s and plan for the golden jubilee event (which falls in the year 2017), but also as a platform for giving back to our alma mater and to inspire, motivate, help anyone in need, plan for the better and uphold the glory of St. Mary’s by being responsible citizens of our nation.

Mam’s message was very well received. Following this, Samarjeet sir put forward the work of website development which is under process. Alumni registration process and fee amount (as per now Rs. 500/- which is not yet finalized) was briefly touched upon. The gathering seemed to agree upon this amount. A brief discussion followed. It was suggested by Amit Motwani sir that sponsors be brought in for the main events like golden jubilee celebrations making the association more financially sound.

The event was graced by the presence of Kiran Raghuvanshi mam, Suchitra Vitvekar mam, Seema Yadav mam, Pratibha Sharma mam, Fateh Singh sir, who proudly put up his house captain badge (the younger ones were at awe of this), Rohit Bhoraskar sir, Manish Mundra sir, Praveen Sharma sir, Gurvindar saluja sir, Sanjay Talati sir, Gurpreet Singh sir, Santosh Yadav sir amongst many others.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Upkar Godboley. The event could not have been so successful without sincere efforts by those present – Sudhir Pandit sir, Sandeep Talati sir, the anchors- Madhlika Chaudhari mam and Vikram Pawar sir, Samarjeet sir, Abhishek Lathi sir and those far away- Nikhil Jain sir, Atul Moghe sir, Arundhati Nimbalkar mam and many others who, although being physically absent were always present with us via internet.

It was also noteworthy that junior batch members especially from 2014 and 2012 batch showed great zeal and enthusiasm by being present in large numbers. Congrats to young volunteers- Abhijeet Singh Rathore, Abhishek Yadav and Divy Shrivastava.

The gathering of seventy-seven which attended this meet got their names registered at the venue entrance. Now we have the attendees’ email ID’s, addresses and phone nos. As the meeting ended, everyone had coffee, samosas and snacks. It surely appeared from everyone’s delightful faces that meeting batch-mates in the Diwali time became a very joyous occasion of togetherness, recollecting school memories and thus re-connecting with their roots.

And last but not the least, our sincere thanks go out to Sudhir Pandit sir, Vikram sir, Samarjeet sir, Sandeep Talati sir and Vaibhav Bakshi sir for the arrangements at Parinay Vatika. The immaculate arrangements reminded one of St. Mary’s instantly.
The event was a remarkable kickstart to the cause of forming an alumni association and will be a cherished memory for a long time to come.

St. Mary’s Convent

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St. Mary’s Convent

Children’s Day at St. Mary’s is associated with great and never before seen performances by Teachers, energizing activities in Morning Assembly and last but not the least the Fun-Filled Fete.
Let us all enjoy the spirit of Childhood ! Happy Children’s Day to all.